Teaching Urgency

I have been struggling with how to teach a sense of urgency. You know – all of us in social media work are very clear that unless you can get a sense of urgency you will not be successful in social media management for nonprofits. That’s the difference between Web 2.0 and Web 1.0. You can read my website whenever you feel like it and I don’t have to worry about when that is. If you have a question you will ask it sometime. With Web 2.0 – you have posted a reply to my blog post, answered my Facebook status or tweeted to my tweet. YOU WANT AN ANSWER NOW!!! I am using email to communicate with my students and I hate it – it’s not immediate enough. How can I teach this sense of urgency if no one feels any urgency?

Wait a minute Dr P. This is a class in the midst of all the other demands that masters students feel. And let’s face it, there isn’t very much urgency involved in what they are doing. As we have always said in trying to keep a perspective, this isn’t brain surgery or curing cancer. It’s a class in social media, for God’s sake.

And then I have watched them post on their blogs and read them all and commented on all of them (I hope I got them all, anyway). I had to shake my head and yet again be reminded of the one thing I should know as a social worker. It’s always iterative…. always a process…. never linear.

You all are doing great and I know that the conversations themselves will help to build the sense of urgency (a little) that will push you all to want to answer right away. Well, maybe…sometimes.

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One Response to Teaching Urgency

  1. Really, if this is all I had to do I would probably appear to be more urgent minded. As I have shared, I am finishing up with a medical treatment that has challenged my thinking more than I thought. I was struggling enough as it was to keep up with everything I needed to be doing. I not taking what you have shared personally, I’m just saying and to remind you, this is a process and as we both know, you better than me, that being a Social Worker is a process….for the wheels of justice can sometimes move oh so slowly. But now that we have Social Media, it will move a little faster, maybe….sometimes…….

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