Let’s get started blogging

The purpose of your individual blogs is to give you the experience of blogging. We won’t be spending much time customizing or editing the layout or theme of your blog. Here you will be spending most of your time writing and reading the blogs of your classmates.

WordPress.com is the “free” access to wordpress. But as you are probably learning already, free means you can’t do a whole lot yourself, but are constricted by the interface you are using. Your themes aren’t editable until you purchase the “upgrade” that gives you the capacity to edit things like colors and layout.

WordPress.org is the WordPress where you run the whole thing. That means you install WordPress and make all the decisions about themes, interface, layout and styles. You can add plugins that do a lot of the work for you, so you don’t have to be a genius in WordPress to make that work. I will be carrying a lot of the water on the install and set up, but we will be using WordPress.org for our campaign blogs. That will give all of you the chance to see how you can manage a blog in an environment with more flexibility.

At class tonight we will be talking about blog readers and feeds, so you can all get updates from each other.

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